It has been a while, only because I've tried not to list people but this deserves to be shared. I've replaced a couple of selected letters.

If you don't wish sites to block hostile and abuse IP addresses then don't use a service listed 1,700 times. To add more, YOU aren't listed. The IP address you are using is listed. It belongs to a large hosting company. This is NOT yours, you do NOT own it, it is NOT you....... and you should really should read up on the law 47 U.S. Code § 230

Date: 10 June 2016
IP: (Zenlayer, A datacenter IP address)


I am a mother of two who searches on the internet 
not a spammer

I'm calling my attorney and will sue you...
if you don't remove me

This is B*LLSH*T 

I have no idea why people think that we control access to their website... I really don't

Date: 2 Febuary 2014

I'm unable to access a website that I OWN. If this continues in 48 hours, I will file a lawsuit.

This one isn't very smart either. I'll be sure to replay [sic]

Subject: Island PVP - SkyBlock - Factions []

Plz remove my name: server075 email: form your site you got no permissions to post this 
and i hate the spam it brings along.
ps, do replay or i will show you what spaming is !!!

I just got therse three emails while I (and about 1/3 of the planet) was sleeping in a 20 minute window

From: <Larry Harty>
Date: 4 August 2013
First Email - 2:29am
This is my website & your bull has it messed it up! What right do  have messing with my website! & 
I have not got a responce from you so i am freaking pissed! You better get me off your freaking 
list "or start paying for my hosting" 
Second Email - 2:38am
You have 24 hours & i am going to start contacting  the law! What right do you think you have to 
block me from a website that i own! You better get my ip address off your list & Now or your going 
to be getting a bill for my hosting & other losses! 
Third Email - 2:44am

And this one is from a verified email address :) Go on, say hi to the guy who isn't even listed on the site

From: Joseph Arnold -
Date: 25 June 2013
IP: (Chicago, USA)

Even though I'm not a spammer, I can't even access forums now because of you???
Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

A compliment! I love these but I do wish that people would learn when to use "your" and "you're". I should add that telling an atheist that he is going to burn in hell, has the same impact as telling an adult that he is not getting a chocolate egg from the Easter Bunny.

Subject: NERD
IP: (UK - BT)
Date: 12 April 2013 17:12 BST

your a fucking nerd!!!!!!! GO ROT IN HELL

Free advertising! Someone is a little sensitive. I wish I could "ban a website from the web" but I do wonder if I should register that website, regardless of the spelling mistakes. I'll say this again, for this dude, you can't defame an email address - Its not a legal fiction.

From: David Griffin -
Date: 6 April 2013
Subject: US Title Code 47,230
IP: (Anonymous Proxy) - Later admits to be in China (as PRC)

US Title Code 47,230 states you need a valid reason.. there is no transparency here, no public 
record of the exact content of the post nor a reference to the thread.. no screenshot of the 
activity, not anything but a lie by disgruntled moderators with spiteful grudge coming from a 
lonely & hurt place somewhere deep inside their pathetic excuse for a personality.

I've posted/am posting this around the web, and will forever:: is a website created by website moderators who are not content
with banning someone from their site for any reason they see fit.. (and they do ban for literally
any reason they see fit.. even if they go against their own forum rules..).. so that they can take
their person vengeance against one user who may have said things that makes them feel stupid personally, 
and then completely anonymously, using on the APIkey of the website, can ban any user for any reason
across most every website on the web. thereby, one single crybaby disgruntled moderator can defame
your entire reputation across the internet, giving you no recourse, and without offering any public 
record of the reason why, nor giving the banned user any notice, not knowing who or when or for what
or why he was suddenly banned from the entire internet..  and any moderator on the planet can ban an
address across the internet on all websites using this service. its complete defamation of character, and 
completely illegal. there needs to be proof offered of the problem and notice given. The only 
negative thing one has to post is regarding the abusive activities of moderators and you're banned
from the internet.. they can give any proof they want, in total anonymity..

a better name for that site would be ""

I wonder which moderator, from which site, created that website.. it must have been one where he 
literally couldnt stand to see him ban a poster in one website for no reason at all, in a display of 
unbridled megalomania & mini-che tyranny, only to see him posting in another site..

its a vengeance, a personal grudge, a complete embarrassment & total loss of face that caused this
kid to create that site and all it does is serve other little like-minded dweebs who think their little
forum power should extend throughout the entire internet.  


I stand behind every post on every webiste I've ever made in my entire life since IRC chat & newsroom 
days before forums were even invented this is the worst degeneration to hit the internet yet... what 
they need to have is a site which reports the abuses of moderators.. and bans their website from the web

And he goes on (wasting more of his time). I would love to know what law forces me to provide any of the information, including my personal address. Ignored and deleted

Whats even funnier, truly funny, is that his email address isn't even on our site!

look, you spineless little cretins... Your site has banned my IP address with no "Evidence" I demand 
to know the API key of the user/users who reported my email address furthermore, you need to require 
a valid name & email address from the reporter Its completely transparent that your site is built 
simply as a means of trying to ban certain users you dont like from the entire internet..

you little dirtbag crybaby moderator clowns think you can get away with creating a site that has 
nothing to do with spam and everything to do with criminal defamation, slanderous lies, and ganging 
up & hazing others by creating an unequal environment?

I stand behind every post I've ever made on any internet forum on the planet.. and will defend every 
and any post I have ever made in a court of law, or on a national TV, you daft pricks... 

this site will be taken down. and this is your formal notification of intent to file a lawsuit and 
impending litigation in "" vs David Griffin &

For legal purposes, we'll require your business email address for further legal correspondence from 
my Lawyers. but we all know you dont have a business, and could never maintain a business.. you're just 
a crybaby in your mommy's basement trying to add purpose & meaning to his pathetic little life by making 
all the  things you dont like personally on the internet, just go away.. in an attempt to legitimize your 
own willful wrong-doing and that of your moderator ilk

I will withdraw this lawsuit if you change your domain name from 
to ""

And now they are flowing in but this one is funny as its from Canada and he directly contradicts himself in saying that we have no right of freedom of speech but he does and his is greater than ours. Reglardless of listing by mental ill people, or not, a threat of legal action stops all further contact or action. What you have done is admitting a conspiracy to commit a criminal act. Do you think that we are just going to accept your threats, bend off and do what you demand? Well, no, we aren't.

Asking nicely would have had this listing removed but you had to get nasty. Oh, and you have no idea about the law and obviously have had no legal training what so ever.

IP: (Canada)
Date: 6 Feb 2013

I do not own a business or am I involved in any other type of work to promote websites. 
I believe someone does not like what I write, which has to do with opinions 
rather than spam. I believe this is illegal and I will be looking into this. Thanks to my
background in some law, I do not need a lawyer or do I need to waste money to issue a Statement 
of Claim. If this ip address is not removed immediately I will be looking at all my options to 
resolve this issue. You need to stop involving yourself in everyones right to freedom of speech 
in North America. I post only my opinions which whoever did this does not like what I am writing, 
therefore they are abusing peoples right to speak as they please. I do not curse or put people 
down. People need to grow up, when someone does not agree with you doesnt mean its the end of 
the world. Whoever did this is abusing this system and you need to first inform me who has done
this and then you need to ban their entire website if you have that power. If you cannot do 
that, then there is something wrong with this website and maybe you are abusing peoples rights
with this illegal service. I promise that this site will be looked into and I will find out 
every last piece of information regarding this site and this service and any legal rights you
have to do this. I will be expecting an answer immediately. Stop abusing people and those who
are abusing any service should be removed entirely from the internet. I do not post links to 
any site that I own or am a part of. I do not do anything for SEO. I do not call anyone names.

I guarantee the people who reported me are nothing more than ignorant and mentally ill. Does 
someone who disagrees with people who are violent, forceful and trying to force people to 
believe what they want, who kill innocent people? These are the people who I speak out against. 

They support these type of people and then they abuse services because they do not like freedom
of speech. You are a part of this now since you do not have any evidence that I did anything 
wrong, since I did nothing wrong. I will be looking into a Denial Of Service for this site and 
any other thing I can find to get this illegal site removed. Good luck.

I never knew that an IP number could be defamed.... Oh, thats because it can't be but it doesn't seem to bother this guy. It's almost worth the time in court to counterclaim for wasted time.

Date: 4 Feb 2013
IP: (United Kingdom)

Please remove my ip or face legal action for defamation.

It's been a while since someone decided to lower their IQ to that of the averge Westboro supporter and email us, but we have another. And yes, I do like China, its a gorgeous country with fantasically friend people and great food.

Date: 15 December 2012
IP: (Spain)

UGLY NAZI, so you want to hide the most brilliant musician, don´t you???, ENVIOUS PIECE OF SHIT!!! envious OUTLAW 
SEE IF YOU CAN, UGLY NAZI!!! Does your NAZI sort think they own the world, HUMAN NOTHING??? Today you are last on 
the list and do not travel freely DON´T YOU??? NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!. 
It is dangerous for you to travel UGLY NAZI OVERBEARING SORT!!!!
BIG HOMOSEXUAL, hairless, no beard, blue eyed effeminate, vile, THE WORST SHIT ON EARTH!!!
NOW LOOK AT THE IP. Blacklist it. You will have to blacklist some 15 different IPS and 268 different emails. UGLY 
I wish a million more hurricanes come your way to free the planet from HUMAN JUNK LIKE YOU!!!
I see lots of russian names among the people you want to block, WHY??? WATCH OUT!!!! not to mention the GROWING 
chinese. Do you like China, ENVIOUS NAZI????




Another one for you to laugh at. If this person only had a single clue... Yet another person that doesn't seem to realise that we don't operate their website... They run their website and they are responsible for it, not us. She really needs to pull her head out and look at her hosting company page -

  • Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your forum.
  • Our system has advanced filters built in that automatically detect and refuse unwanted spam posts.

Anyway, the threat from Jane who doesn't even realise that "" is nowhere on this site... apart from this page.
From: "Jane"
Date: 6 March 2012
IP: (New Jersey)

take off your list . I own the site and do not approve of this.
I will call my Lawyer you are stopping people from viewing my site.

Someone needs to look towards the left side of their keyboard and locate the key with "Caps Lock" on it. Look douche, we do not block anyone from anything. If your website is blocking you, then you aren't too smart.

From: "marc"
Date: 25 Febuary 2012 17:55 UTC

And then, all of a sudden, he seems to think that people are as stupid as him. Having just committed a felony (class 6) by impersonating the US federal court, this should be filed with the FBI by the time most people read this.
From: federal court

Please visit: to view your court order.

In German with (Google) translated version below. What this guy doesn't seem to understand is he has just implicated himself in a crime. Under EU law, a DDoS is a criminal offense. You obviously have zero idea about that law.

"I Expect us WIXXER you!" - that sounds like a medical procedure. Douche

Date: 25 December 2011

Ich fordere eine sofortige löschung der Daten welche die IP betreffen. Sollte hier noch einmal
 mein Name auftauen bzw. meine mailadresse wird dies Konsequenzen haben! Ich erwarte eine löschung bis morgen. 
Morgen um 12:00 werde ich nocheinmal nachsehen und bei nichtbeachtung sofortige Strafanzeige einleiten!

Was sie hier machen ist vl nett aber diese Daten:

10-Dec-11 13:36
etname:        CHELLO
descr:          Telesystem Tirol
country:        AT
admin-c:        HMCB1-RIPE
tech-c:         HMCB1-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PA
remarks:        Contact concerning criminal
remarks:        activities like spam, hacks, portscans
mnt-by:         CHELLO-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

Dies ist keine lösch anfrage sondern eine aufforderung! Sie wissen genau das diese art von information nicht 
ohne meine einwilligung verbreitet werden darf. Also entweder morgen punkt 12:00 oder strafanzeige und dauer 
DDOS beschuss... Können sie sich aussuchen! Mfg Ich Expect us du WIXXER!

Da sie behaupten sie machen hier nichts strafbares sollten sie bedenken dass sie sich im strafrahmen JEDES
landes bewegen! Ich bin wie sie bereits wissen aus Österréich und zufällig etwas bewandert im datenschutz. 
Ganz egal ob sie mich löschen oder auf eine perm ban liste setzten, verklagen werde ich sie. Und ich bin mir 
sicher dass mir der Staat Österreich in Form eines Staatsanwaltes mit zur seite stehen wird, da ich sie nur 
im privatrecht verklagen kann aber es genießen werde wie die Strafrechtliche verfolgung bei ihnen ausgeht.

I demand an immediate deletion of data relating to the IP If here again
  my name or my email address will thaw this have consequences! I expect a deletion until tomorrow.
Morning at 12:00 I'll look again and take immediate criminal charges for failure to comply!

This is not a delete request but a request! You just do not know that this kind of information
may be distributed without my consent. So either tomorrow or criminal charges and permanent point 12:00
DDOS bullet ... Can they choose! Mfg. I Expect us WIXXER you!

Since they claim they do nothing criminal here, they should remember that they are moving in the criminal
context of each country! I am from Austria as they already know something happened and versed in privacy. 
Whether they remove or put me on a perm ban list, I'll sue them. And I'm sure that I will be the state of 
Austria in the form of a public prosecutor with the page, because I can only sue in private law but will 
enjoy it as the prosecution proceeds with them.

Oh, I think his details are as below, from publically available WHOIS information personname: Hannes Schwarzgruber organization: street address: Othmar-crusiz-str 29 postal code: 9500 city: Villach country: Austria phone: +436803063970

Thanks for pointing out where France is...

Date: 1 Dec 2011

Misses, Mister.

This is the first legal email transmitted to you, by Mr Nicolas Huleux, France, Europe.

This email is intended to make you understand that Mr Nicolas Huleux will take legal actions against you, and your website, 
And will ask for money, in front of the international law, if you don’t remove immediately the “stop forum spam” that you have 
published there:

This information violate the private life of Mr Nicolas Huleux, and is traceable. 
It link the name of Mr Nicolas Huleux and his I.P.

We guarantee that you’ll get sue if don’t act immediately, and remove this fake post.

This guy is a real charmer, makes you proud to be an American huh? Guess he doesnt like being asked if he speaks to his Mom like that

From: Nikki Santori
Date: 30 June 2011
Subject: I ain't no freaking spammer, moron.

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Im waiting for the Ugandian issued international court summons now and before you ask, no Ive never heard of the word "compasted" [sic]

From: julius <"">
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 14:59:10 +0200 (CEST)

Subject: am going to open a case against you

i understand your issue of keeping out. spammers. i have never been a spammer but listed my ip address. which is preventing me from 
accessing information. am left with one choice pursue legal channels for me to get compasted. 

 avant solutions

And a follow up email from him, asking for (demanding) a response that he will never get. Just a note here, no one that works on this site or on behalf of us, has been or ever will be in contact with him. If he feels that someone spammed his forum, then hes perfectly welcome to submit that to our database.

From: Marcus Maclean <"">
Date: 15 May 2011

My name is Marcus Maclean, and I have been reported on this site for forum spam:

I have NEVER spammed a forum, and would like clarification of who filed this report, why, and when, as I 
plan to file a suit for libel.

I am also considering including you in the suit if that report is not removed immediately.

Your assistance would be appreciated.


Marcus Maclean
From: Marcus Maclean <"">
Date: 16 May 2011

Hi there,

I emailed a few days ago regarding a report that had been filed against me on this site (for "Marcus60"). 
I asked for verification on who filed the report, when and why, as I have NEVER spammed a forum. And 
I am being completely honest and genuine when I say that.

Then I received this comment through my blog:

Author : Spamkiller (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
anf you complain to SFS you aren't a spammer lol it's not because you call it "SEO" that it's less 
spammy you should be locked up in prison spammer

I have changed the comment for obvious reasons, but is this your due process? Respond to a genuine 
request by sending me a message like this? Seriously, that's so rude and immature. How old are you?

You are making a serious mistake here. I consider this comment SPAM.

If I haven't heard back from you by the end of the week, my attorney will be in touch regarding libel. 


Marcus Maclean

Another person that doesnt seem to care too much about wasting cash and doesnt seem to understand that you cant libel an email address or alias. Why dont people just ask nicely?

Subject: Interesting
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 17:47:56 +0200 (CEST)
From: Mitch <>

It's interesting that one smart whoever decides, without even consulting me, to list my email as a spam-email.

Within 48 hrs, I hereby request written proof of me being a spammer, or I will get my lawyer taking legal a
ction for your unsupported blackmailing campaign.

It's about time to get rid of your self-proclaimed internet police officers!

From: Cash Media - Ianis 
Date: January 13, 2011 10:40:55 PM EST
Subject: Removal


Thanks to remove immediatly this public webpage immediatly :
If no removal is effectued at the end of the week we will use legal action against your website.
Best regards

Ianis - CEO
Cash Media ltd
9B Amtel Building
148 des voeux road
Hong Kong

Now if he had just emailed and said "Can you please remove this?" then we would remove it. I guess the "be polite or I might not answer" on the contact form was for other people. Were looking foward to the legal action as any US lawyer will laugh at them, as we all know that the 1st Amendment covers everything on the site

Publishing waiver

Read our Legal and AuP page for more information

A brief summary of it is as follows

Any communication received, that we in our personal capacity believe or interpret as a threat, will be published on this page.

By sending any communication (in any format), you acknowledge that you grant us full permission to republish your communication, waiving all copyright claims, the right to demand action via means of any such cease and desist and/or DMCA order/request or any such removal request, to any communciation made to (including but not limited to) any site operators, administrators, owners and/or service providers. We will also publish your email and IP address.